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About us

The Trading Dojo is made by only one person.
My goal was to make a clear, comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency trading.

I started in 2016, before the historic bull run. I saw trading as a mean to live free. Financial autonomy, location independence, low number of work hours...
I always get fully involved in my projects, so I naturally studied as much as I could. But Internet is a messy bog of informations: 1 month millionaire methods, fake traders but true marketers, clickbait articles... I had to sort and try everything, but that was big fun, as my curiosity is of a thirsty nature.

Sadly, I saw most of my fellows falling for the hope-based, laziness-backed trading "methods". They wasted their time digging for funnier memes, reading tweet "tips", and smoking hopium.
They all have a common point: they still rely on a 9-5 job. They saw trading as a side hobby. Nothing serious.

I'm a full time trader and want to help people become free of the mundane world with the help of this centuries-old profession.

A torii-gate, used in Japan to mark the transition from the wordly to the sacred.