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Basic principles of trading

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If someone fools you at a chess game, is he a strategist or a manipulator?

Manipulation is an integrant part of trading.
It has always been and will always be.
No matters laws, no matter regulations, no matter the thousands of bad "traders" who whine and blame their defeats on the atrocious and evil conspirators.

You have to take it into account.

Manipulation in trading

The Wyckoff class will speak about it more extensively.

Charts are made by humans

People are emotional.
People sell and buy. For various reasons.

If larger sums are being sold than being bought, price drop.
If larger sums are being bought than being sold, price rise.

Charts are the visual result of those persons activity.

People are rarely rational. Prices can drop/rise without any intellectual reason.

You can statistically predict what a mob is more inclined to do.
You can know someone intimately enough to estimate his possible actions under certain circumstances.

It's a marathon

Don't sprint. Don't put all your money in the same bag: this is gambling.
Although trading can permit you to work only 7 hours a week and get you more money than all vanilla jobs, you won't become a millionaire overnight.

Don't rely on others

You surely enjoy ready tips from random people on the internet.
People like to brag and give themself an illusion of superiority.

20% of people own 80% of world wealth. Those 20% are not the ones posting forecasts on Reddit.

It takes years (thus you better start right now)

Trading is a discipline.

It takes years to become an architect.
It takes years to become a good marketer.
It takes years to really learn a new language.
It takes years to become big and muscular.
It takes years to become an artist.

But if you stick to it, use self-criticism, and keep learning, you shall reach excellence.

A bit of vocabulary

A fight between a bull and a bear

To attack:

We say it's bullish when the price goes up, bearish when it goes down.
Stupid words, but everybody use those.


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  Different types of tradersTypes of analysis