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What is blockchain  


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My philosophy

My intention with this course, is to train motivated people to become true, independent, and mindful traders.


I want you to be a true, genuine trader. They are rare, unlike the forever wannabes, gamblers trying to get rich overnight since decades, and hope addicts...


The majority in our domain are, followers. They open their bets according to their favourite twitter guru, always chase fancy news, and beg for analysis from others, because they never cared to learn to do their own. How could they ever be successful if their knowledge stop at being able to read strangers' recommendations, then click the buy button?
Those people are always searching for short, nice-sounding advices, here and there. They go from trading tips to trading tips. Imagine someone wanting to learn to drive a submarine, chasing tips here and there about how to navigate those engines. Pretty ridiculous, eh? You'd better not go on an expedition with them.

I don't want you to rely on others: trading is a job, and nobody will do it for you, in an efficient way.
You are the only one knowing you goals, and the time, money and resources you can put into reaching them. Only yourself can prepare tailored trades in accord with your wishes and possibilities.


Mindfulness is a necessity. Absurd hope and irrational fear have no place in our agenda.
No need to suddenly panic when a +20% move is followed by a 1% drop, nor to go from desperation to illumination, by seeing a 1% rise after a loss of 20%.

When your money is at risk, your emotions can flip quickly, in an unreasonable way. A control on them and regular lucidity checks are necessary.
Maniac monkeys will lose all their fortune.

For whom is this course for

This course is for people interested by trading, with the goal of gaining money for a living.

This course is for ambitious people, who want to learn clear, practical things, and put them into practice.
It's been written to be readable by total novices, but it can be useful for traders looking for additional informations, or for unsuccessful traders who need to revise the whole concept of what trading is and how to do it the right way.

This course is mean to be complete, teaching basic concepts such as how to buy and store cryptocurrencies, but also chart analysis, manipulation, and advanced approaches such as emotions control and trading strategies.

For whom is this course not for

This course is not for people struggling with technology. Things such as creating an e-mail and installing software will not be explained. Creating an account on a trading platform is also mean to be intuitive enough, and we won't lose time on that.

This course I not for people wanting to be assisted in their trading decisions. I will not furnish you with direct buys and sells advices, nor with forecasts: I want you to be able to do your own.

This course is not for people looking for superficial informations, such as “10 best wallets for Ethereum”, “What is the best Bitcoin exchange with great affiliate returns”, or “best trading strategy 2022 updated.”

This course is not for geeks who think they'll be able to code an AI or trading bot. Although trading is largely based on the science of probabilities, those are probabilities which can not be put into numbers, and therefore a large part of thoughtful feeling and intuition is needed when it comes to make a decision. If banks still employ human traders, it's for a reason.

This course I not for technology enthusiasts. Price and the underlying project are not strongly linked. When the price falls, the technology keeps being the same, or even, is growing thanks developers. Assets can reach high prices, while still being devoid of working product.

This course is not for lethargic people, who think that becoming a millionaire is not a possibility. I've witnessed many times, folks who couldn't conceive that a particular guy was indeed rich.
If you can't believe that a man I'm showing you is a multi-millionaire, how could you ever think of yourself reaching that amount of money? And, if you can't imagine yourself swimming in wealth, how could you ever even start to act on what is mean to be done to attain it?


Should you have any question or remark, feel free to post it. I will answer you as soon as possible!

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What is blockchain