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Opening your first chart

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On desktops:
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Most exchanges provide basic charting tools.
However they are often incomplete.

There isn't many applications to look at:

Tradingview is the most complete.

Charting cryptocurrencies

By default it shows you Apple's graph.
Click on "AAPL" (upper left corner), write the desired pair.

Selecting your pair on tradingview

You have an option for each exchange.

Right at the pair selector, you can select the timeframe.
By default it's on D, for "daily." It means each candle will represent the price action for a whole day.

Reading price candles

Price candles and volume bars

A candle contains the OHLC of the selected timeframe (1 Day here):

Defining price candles OHLC values

Note how the open and close is not the same for green and red candles.
The lower and upper thin lines are called the wicks.

All timeframes follow the UTC timezone.

The logarithmic chart

On a non-log chart, a move from $8000 to $10000 (+25%) will look as big as a jump from $10000 to $12000 (+20%).

Difference between a regular and a log chart

To correct that, use the "log" option, at the bottom right corner.

Activating log charting on tradingview


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  SecurityDifferent types of traders