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Security: keeping your cryptocurrencies safe

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On desktops:
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Install Linux

It will bother some, but when it comes to malware, Windows is the favorite target. Many viruses have been involved in loss of cryptocurrencies.
They can:

If you have valuable sums, don't put only one foot in security.

How to make a backup of your Bitcoin wallet

Your Electrum wallet is stored encrypted with the password you set on installation.
Simply copy it on a USB key.



Most altcoins will have a similar folder.


Hackers will clone an exchange and host it on a same-looking URL. For example https://binance.com becomes https://binance.co
After you login, your real Binance account will be emptied.

They could name it https://binance.ny and tell it's an official version of Binance for New York. Dirty trick for the naives.

Check URLs letter by letter. Bookmark them. Control it uses https with a valide certificate (usually represented by a green lock).

Checking valid SSL certificate

The same applies when it comes to download wallets.

Use different passwords

Never use twice the same.
Always elect a strong one:

Use a password manager, I recommend Keepassx. KeePassDroid for Android.

How to activate 2-FA

Enable 2 Factor Authentification on exchanges.
You will find it in the security settings.

It will give you a character key and a QR code.

It generates a new 6-digits code every 30 seconds:

2-FA to secure access to exchanges

You'll need it everytime you login.

Never use SMS-based 2-FA.
It's common for hackers to trick your phone operator to transfer your phone number in another SIM card.

Keep your e-mail secure

When it comes to securing access to your exchange's account, your e-mail is a central component of your security:

Therefore, you must remember to:

Use exclusively proven methods

There is a lot of different crypto wallets available, a lot a funky ways to store a private key, a lot of funky services everywhere. You don't really need them: then don't use them.

For example, you may find articles explaining how to hide a private key in a mp3 file. This is stupid and could result in extraction or decryption error when you need to recover it. A normal, standard encrypted wallet file is simply not hackable, considering you used a strong password.

When you store a considerable sum of money, there is no space for experimentation of new and exotic methods.

A secret is a secret

Never disclose:

To NO ONE. I repeat: NO ONE, and there is no exception.

Be careful when it comes to say to your friends that you trade cryptocurrencies. Some weirdos could kidnap you and force you to decrypt precious things. It already happened on various occasions.

That's all

You might have heard a lot of stories about persons getting their funds stolen.
100% of them had stupid security setups:


Should you have any question or remark, feel free to post it. I will answer you as soon as possible!

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  How to buy bitcoinOpening your first chart