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Types of analysis

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Sentiment and news trading

Sentiment is the general sentiment about how people feel about the market.
Remember that 20% of people own 80% of the total wealth.

Tweets does not have their place for analysis

General sentiment is driven by news and what is going on in internet forums.

News can be written by anyone for any reason.

News inform you about things that already happened, or that are known to be mean to happen (will they really?).
Their impacts are already embodied in the market.

News can not give you any precise idea about when to enter or leave the market. Nor could they guide you to a correct estimation of a incoming rise or drop (if anything actually really takes place).
If an information is valuable, insiders will trade it before it gets published.

Journalists are what they are: journalists. They are not investment advisors. They will relay stupid news and rumors, no matter their trustfulness, and even less matter their possible influence on the market.
Don't be impressed by big names. The Wall Street Journal, for example, is written by the most stupid people ever.

Again, remember: 20% of people own 80% of the total wealth.
Most humans already know how to read when they get into trading. Most of them are too lazy to learn charting.
Those 80% are redditors, bitcointalks shills and "analysts", kids writing blog posts for ad bucks, etc...
Don't follow them. Be independent.

Fundamental analysis

Although news are often categorized as being a part of FA, there is more to it.

Fundamental questions about a project are, for example:

It can be useful at early stages of a project, when the coin has not been traded yet or the chart history is too short to analyse it in a meaningful way.

Technical analysis

You make money thanks to price moves.
To perceive if the rate is going to shift in a tradable way, you have to analyse the price.

You do that by opening a chart.
This is what we call TA: everything that is related to charting, indicators, etc...
No need read news, ridiculous rumors, or fake statistics: all of their influences are already priced-in.
A project's team can lie, news can be paid-for, scams happen... But charts can't narrate you fairy tales.

TA tools are applicable on all timeframes, and work for every market: as well for Bitcoin than for altcoins.

This is what this course will teach you.


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  Basic principles of tradingCandles patterns